Friday, 29 August 2008

It's All Over Now Baby Blog

The last post...

Now its over all, at least for this year. Big thank you to all the folks who helped me along the way and to all the RFL crew in Caledon, especially Erasmus and Patty Poppy. 

It's been fun and I've discovered so much in SL. These blogs barely scratch the surface of the weird and wonderful places and people across the Mainland. 

So glad I could contribute in a small way to such a great charity. 

Love, hope and charity to you all


over L$10000 raised in all!

RFL Charity Walk: The Facts

Walking over 150 regionsfrom Beck-Nemeth Estatesto Seranil - the entire length of the Mãebaleia, Corsica, Nautiluscontinents!

This the longest, uninterrrutped collection of connected sims in the SL world.

Without walls, obstructions or hindrance
this would take 3hrs 45mins. And wear
your 'w' key finger out.

Allowing 30mins in each region for
chatting, getting lost and tending
to blisters this journey will take
at least 75 hours.

Friday, 4 July 2008

Remember this guy? He's throwing YOU a Party!

Ladies and Gentlemen, you are most cordially invited to Falcon Darcy's evening of glorious celebration. Marking the completion of the first known walk across the length of the Mainland for RFL.

Join the party in Caldeon, 12-4pm (slt) Thurs. 17th July, 2008 Caledon. 

Sunday, 29 June 2008

Sophia Trefusis & I discover a collection of stolen street lamps

Having considered the crime scene for a moment it actually appears these gas lamps were not in fact stolen but were in fact for sale. Another crime solved and more adventures to come. Sadly, by this point on the walk I was suffering compass problems and my position was known only to the gods and I am unable to provide a location of this shop. It is surprising easy to lose your bearings in SL.

Nar Duell on a wave of undulation

Nar Duell accompanied me across the straits between Nautilus and Corsica continents. Not much to report from the dark depths of the continental shelf but great place to find some virtual peace and quiet.

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

May pole dancing for Charity!

This is me performing traditional variation on maypole dancing that appears quite popular on the mainland. My kind hosts were very generous in their support RFL and appeared to enjoy my jig. Funky.

The Habitat Hobbit

The Habitat Hobbit

In a quiet corner of the SL shire, misted the rolling hills of the little folk, is the resource centre for a the habitat trust charity. Go there, save the shire, realm, nay the entire world from destruction by the dark forces....or something.